Hey, what about us – the current residents?

Dan ArpOpinion

I am amused by all the talk about the development plan for Knox County. From what I understand, the impetus is on assuring that developers have the real estate available to build housing for all the people wanting to move to our area. That’s all well and good.

So, what are these county officials going to do for the people who currently live in Knox County and voted them into office?

It appears to me that the county mayor and commissioners are more beholden to developers and future residents than to those who are current residents. A case in point, fire protection for the county. We have a subscription fire service. If you aren’t a subscriber, you are billed by the provider when it is called out. If subscription fire protection provides a service to save property and life, then why not a subscription sheriff’s office?

It seems the powers that be believe that police protection is a universal right and benefit, covering all residents equally. Under the current Knox County fire protection, it is only possible if enough people subscribe. And then not equally across the county. Some stations are barely staffed and at times even closed due to a lack of subscribers in the area.

It’s easy to pat yourself on the back when you push through initiatives for growth. It’s hard to look at the real issues facing residents and make bold moves. Doing things differently than we have always done them.

I know the response is where will the money come from? How about from the subscribers who currently support the fire department. Without crunching numbers, I dare say my taxes would not increase more than the five hundred plus dollars I pay per year for the current service.

If we are going to grow and get bigger, we need to put on our big boy britches. Think outside the box … just saying.

Dan Arp is retired and lives in Heiskell with wife Cindy.


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