Wreaths Across America honors our fallen

Susan EspirituSouth Knox

On December 14, family and friends participated in Wreaths Across America by gathering at East Tennessee State Veterans Cemetery, located off Gov. John Sevier Highway, to remember the fallen, honor those who have served and teach the younger ones what it means to serve.

Lane and Nora Pate with family: Larry and Jeanie Brakebill, Erin Pate

Wreaths Across America was started as a 501(c)(3) non-profit in 2007, after the first wreaths were donated to Arlington National Cemetery by Morrill Worcester and the Worcester Wreath Company in 1992.

Individuals around the country heard about the wreaths being donated to honor veterans and expressed an interest to support the efforts at Arlington and also to bring the Arlington wreath experience to their own communities. Thus, WAA was formed.

In the last 15 years, WAA has grown to over 3,700 participating locations nationwide with more than 6,000 sponsorship groups and placed over 2.7 million wreaths in 2022 alone.

Info: Wreaths Across America.

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