Wind knocks out power in West Knox County

Sandra ClarkWest Knox County

The wind still blows in West Knox County, but power is being (has been) restored. Knox TN Today got this report midday Tuesday from Lenoir City Utilities Board:

In the early evening hours of Monday, January 8, a tree fell and took out multiple LCUB power line poles in the Farragut area, leaving many LCUB customers without power in the Concord Hills, Canton Hollow and Woody Road neighborhoods.

These poles held multiple vital connections leading directly to the Lovell Road substation. Multiple crews were dispatched immediately, and replacement of the power poles began.

Due to the connective complexity of these poles, replacement typically takes six to eight hours per pole. LCUB rerouted power to another substation to restore the majority of power while crews worked through the overnight hours to erect new poles. This morning, one of the poles partially fell again, and power had to be shut off to stand that pole back up safely. Multiple LCUB crews are on the scene and are working to get power restored as soon as humanly possible.

In all, there were 13 power poles involved. Five of those poles had to be changed out, and eight had to be reworked. All poles had two circuits each.

Two images show complexity of work done in the dark and rain by LCUB crews:



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