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Sherri Gardner Howell asked me to tell her readers that she’s recovering from her recent fall at Central Baptist Bearden (story here), but would not be writing today’s column. Seems she can’t use her left hand for typing and it’s tough to compose a column without using the A-S-D-F and G keys.

Betsy Pickle is using both hands, but she’s also taking care of her mom (story here). Somebody said that folks who lost their job during the newspaper cutbacks were “white and old.” Betsy is not old, but her mom is.

E-newsletter: Our newsletter provider went down Monday and Tuesday so no one got a 7 a.m. email that outlined all the wonderful stuff in that day’s postings. Never heard of this? Say what? It’s free, but you have to sign up. Wait a couple of weeks and you’ll see a new look on Knox TN Today’s home page with a newsletter signup button prominently displayed at the top. Also, the e-newsletter will be coming from a new provider, Constant Contact. I’ll be hands-on with the production and hopefully will be able to punch it up with one-liners (like this):

Glenn Jacobs tweeted today that while he’s mayor, no county money will be given to Planned Parenthood. Wait! Was some previous mayor investing in women’s health and family planning? Was it Burchett? Ragsdale? Schumpert? Kessel?

And no, I don’t follow Jacobs on Twitter. Somebody sent me this tweet. Jacobs must have studied the Trump playbook. Act normal in public and be crazy on Twitter.

Twitter and Facebook are black holes. You can fall in and not be seen for the rest of the day, or forever.

With a home office, we do stuff most would never do at the real office. While claiming to be “at work,” we check Facebook and say Happy Birthday to all of our friends who are celebrating. We look at Stephanie Briggs’ pictures of waterfowl, Jon Gustin’s photos of deer, and read David Armstrong’s memories of days gone by. We see what Vickie Butcher Wells has posted on Halls High Friends (always funny), and while we’re there we check out Jeff Melton (50/50 funny). By the time we read the Washington Post and the New York Times, we’ve burned off the first hour. Then it’s time for lunch!

Sherri will be back next week, she said. But when she sees this column, she may jump in today. Let’s see: **n***  *l**k. *** o** my ki**h*n ***l*!

Sandra Clark is editor/CEO of Knox TN Today.


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