We’re doooooomed?!?

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Armageddon is nigh. Or maybe it already happened inside the city limits, far as Republicans are concerned. My recent pitch in defense of non-partisan elections was pretty much a popcorn fart in the wind. Cities are Democratic strongholds. Republicans rule most everything else, and the majority there is going to ride or die with Donald Trump.

But I’ll try one more time: good as Democrats feel while basking in the moment, they needn’t forget that there’s a big round of elections looming, and if local sentiment is any example, it’s going to be bitter, and the GOP majority will be looking for blood. Here’s a sample of Republicans’ reactions to the city elections collected and posted on Facebook by West Knox Republican Club president Gary Loe:

“Help, we are about to become the next Detroit, the city is about to turn into a pit of sewage! Well, the good thing is the county has plenty of housing for the city folk! Absolute shame.”

“Detroit is in great shape compared to the direction (Indya Kincannon) plans to take Knoxville.”

“That’s what apathy gets us.”

“It’s sad day for Knoxville.”

“That’s what happens when 16k out of 100k get off their #$%^ to vote.”

“Kincannon will be worse. She’s a socialist, duh.”

“Welcome to San Francisco I guess … tent cities and free everything …”

“Ohhhh NOOOO, Knoxville is doomed to being terribly disadvantaged economically in the region and continued poor business climate will push it down the list of peer cities instead of taking a huge step forward to reach its potential! Glad I moved!”

“Knoxville is swirling the toilet bowl.”

“Recode is a horrible idea that doesn’t fully address.”

“Get ready for more trees in the middle of the road and bike lanes on the interstate.”

“City just keeps getting more and more liberal. Glad I live in county. Watch city taxes rise now.”

“Knoxville is screwed.”

“This totally sucks for Knoxville.”

“Prayers for our brothers and sisters.”

“Thankful I live in the county.”

“Yep, city of Knoxville as we know it is over.”

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