You’ve come a long way, maybe

Larry Van GuilderAs I see it

Just how remarkable is the (soon to be) 7-2 female majority on the city council? Very, compared to other Tennessee legislative bodies. Pictured here are Amelia Parker, Janet Testerman and …

We’re doooooomed?!?

Betty BeanKnox Scene

Armageddon is nigh. Or maybe it already happened inside the city limits, far as Republicans are concerned. My recent pitch in defense of non-partisan elections was pretty much a popcorn …

Meet the winners

Paige M. TravisFeature

In Tuesday’s city of Knoxville general election, voters elected the city’s second woman mayor and the most diverse city council in Knoxville history.
Mayor Madeline Rogero this morning hosted a breakfast in …

Kincannon wins big, Parker pulls upset

Sandra ClarkGossip and Lies

Indya Kincannon overcame money, big-name endorsements and conventional wisdom to trounce hometown entrepreneur Eddie Mannis on Tuesday. Kincannon will succeed Mayor Madeline Rogero in mid-December.
Kincannon will govern with a 7-2 …

Making the case for Kincannon

Chyna R. BrackeenFeature

Indya Kincannon shows up, and when the votes are counted tomorrow (11/5) it will be clear that voters showed up for her as a result of her accessibility and overwhelming …

Why Eddie Mannis will win on Nov. 5

Larry Van GuilderAs I see it

The city’s general election is Nov. 5, and when the votes are counted Eddie Mannis will become Knoxville’s mayor-elect.
Against a different opponent for a different job, Indya Kincannon’s undisguised wonkiness …