We survived Snowmageddon because of community

Susan EspirituOur Town Neighbors

We survived Snowmageddon by staying home because we couldn’t get out, but many did not have a home or couldn’t make that choice and they survived due to the tremendous community called Knoxville. Here is just a snapshot of how our community responded to need last week.

The Knoxville-Knox County Office of Housing Stability partnered with three churches and homeless service providers to open overnight warming centers: Vestal United Methodist Church in South Knoxville, Magnolia Avenue United Methodist Church in East Knoxville and Cokesbury Church on Kingston Pike in West Knoxville.

These sites quickly filled to capacity with volunteers, money and supplies from other churches and the community flooding these sites to fill the need and provide sleeping places, three meals and day and a safe place to hundreds of people without a home.

Businesses like Hard Knox Pizzeria stepped in and since customers couldn’t get to them, they used their food to feed city of Knoxville Fleet and Public Service crews who had been working round the clock during this winter blast.

Mayor Kincannon posted: “It’s been amazing to see so many people come together to assist — in any way possible — these last few days!”

When Mobile Meals volunteers were stranded at home themselves, Knoxville Police officers pitched in, delivering meals to those in the community who need it, according to the KPD website.

While most of us were hunkered down, staying warm, hundreds of city and county employees have been working 24/7 throughout this snowy and icy past week and will continue to provide public-safety and core support services.

Thank you to our police officers, firefighters, snow-plowing public service crews, fleet services technicians and others who will continue to perform their duties in person as usual.

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