‘Tunnel Vision’ by the HoneyBadger

Thomas Mabry - Honey Badger ImagesOur Town Arts

There are 26 tunnels on the Blue Ridge Parkway, all but one in North Carolina. These architectural masterpieces were designed to alleviate the scarring that would have occurred if the tunnels were not cut through the mountains.

Since the original construction of the tunnels in the 1930s, repairs and maintenance have been necessary, but in many of them the stone work remains untouched, giving a glimpse of the past to motorists of the present.

Twilight provides a dazzling view as driver and passengers exit the Young Pisgah Ridge Tunnel at mile marker 403. The burst of color adds to the ambiance of America’s Favorite Drive.

Many of the HoneyBadgerImages are on display at Instagram.com/honeybadgerimages


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