The team that makes it happen

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Sometimes I’m asked how Legacy Parks manages all of our projects. It’s simple. Look at our team:

Board of Advisors:

  • John Becker
  • Bart Carey
  • Pete Claussen
  • Steve Fritts
  • Missy Kane
  • Mark Mamantov
  • David Martin
  • Don Parnell
  • Sharon Pryse
  • Tommy Schumpert
  • Cassandra Stuart
  • Susan Williams

Board of Directors

  • Cathy Ackermann
  • Bruce Bosse
  • Nicki Collett
  • Dave Collins
  • Sheryl Ely
  • Greg Gheen
  • Duane Grieve
  • Jenny Hines, CPA
  • Marv House
  • Larsen Jay
  • David Long
  • Joe Mack
  • Greg Marret, CPA
  • Bill Mason
  • Julie Moul
  • Jeremy Nelson, chair
  • Cecilia Peterson
  • Joe Petre
  • Ken Rueter
  • Todd Skelton
  • Will Skelton
  • Charlie Thomas
  • John Thurman
  • Chris Trump

And a hat tip to our staff: Cameron Broome, operations; Reid Hartsell, project manager; Sarah Rump, marketing; and Elle Colquitt, site manager.

Carol Evans is executive director of Legacy Parks Foundation.


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