The Harringtons: Three generations in UT band

Sandra ClarkFountain City

Amy Harrington Bible, owner of Harrington Insurance in Fountain City, is proud of her daughter, Charley Rose Bible, who is a member of the Pride of the Southland marching band.

Amy’s dad (Charley Rose’s grandfather), Charles Harrington, was in the Pride of the Southland as was his father, T.R. Harrington Jr.

We misstated previously that Amy Harrington Bible was in the POTS. Not true. But Amy shared this family story from her uncle Tom (who wrote the wildflowers column in Knox TN Today this spring and summer):

T.R. Harrington Jr. once performed at a special event in Memphis in which the UT band took part. John Philip Sousa was there and conducted at least one number with the band. After the piece was completed, conductor Sousa came around to where Harrington was and complimented him on his performance playing the snare drum.

The older Mr. Harrington did not attend Central High School, which was only a half mile from his homeplace on Garden Drive, because Central did not have a band at that time. He attended Knoxville High School so that he could be in a band. After graduating from Knoxville High School, he attended U T and played percussion in the Pride.

So, Charley Rose Bible has quite the legacy with the UT band. Both her grandfather and great-grandfather participated.


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