The Great North American Eclipse

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A total “Solar Eclipse” greeted those who travelled to the Path of Totality that encompassed a narrow band in the United States from Texas to Maine on the afternoon of April 8, 2024.

While the Southern Appalachians were denied totality, the consolation prize was a partial eclipse where the moon’s umbra shadowed up to 87% of the sun.

The problem is that the clouds must cooperate to obtain a good view of the eclipse. Sky watchers in East Tennessee and Western North Carolina were hampered by cloud cover, but fortunately the clouds broke for short periods of time for viewing with protective solar lenses.

The astronomical world has always garnered a human fascination, and this event was no exception. The next North American total solar eclipse takes place in 2045 and I am now planning how to achieve a view!

Thomas Mabry – Honey Badger Images

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