Fall Fest: the gift that keeps on giving

Betsy PickleFun Outdoors

It’s typical that the Appalachian Mountain Bike Club isn’t making a big deal out of its 10th annual Fall Fest, taking place on Saturday, Nov. 2, at Baker Creek Preserve. …

It’s getting scary out there (not really)

Carol EvansFun Outdoors

In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s October, and everyone’s starting to play catch-up with Hallmark.
All sorts of activities are taking on a Halloween theme or paying tribute to the spooky …

Leave the working world behind this weekend

Carol EvansFun Outdoors

The thing most of us enjoy about Labor Day Weekend is not working. But even if it’s somewhat strenuous, doing something active outdoors usually doesn’t feel like work.
This weekend has …

Enjoy a pump track, Dogwood days

Carol EvansFun Outdoors

Mayor Madeline Rogero will give an overview of her final budget at a luncheon today at the terminus of James White Parkway, which the city is revamping as a gateway …