Food City awards $597,700 for hunger relief

Betsi JamesOur Town Eats

Since 1992, Food City – in partnership with its customers – has conducted an annual campaign to raise funds for local non-profit hunger relief organizations.
“Hunger is a serious problem throughout …

Mission of Hope honors Ray Fisher

Tom KingFarragut

It was a special time during yesterday’s meeting of the Rotary Club of Farragut. Jackie Fisher was there along with Ray Fisher III. So was Emmette Thompson of the Mission …

Mission of Hope marches on after record year

Tom KingFarragut

Mission of Hope – 1, Covid – 0.
We are in the one-year anniversary month of COVID-19, and you can select which March day to “celebrate” this worldwide pandemic. Yesterday, Emmette …

Mission of Hope adapts to changes

Beth KinnaneOur Town Neighbors

As with other area non-profits, Knoxville’s Mission of Hope has had to bob and weave its way through the COVID-19 pandemic and adjust fire on normal operations. The familiar blue …