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Heard how solar can drastically cut your monthly utility bill? Yet, not sure you can afford the up-front cost of a solar installation? The federal Solar for All program is showing broad promise of making clean, solar energy more accessible to those with the lowest incomes. It is not yet clear how this will work in practicality.

“Solar is the cheapest form of electricity – and one of the best ways to lower energy costs for American families,” said John Podesta, senior advisor to President Biden for international climate policy, as part of an Earth Day announcement of $7 billion in nationwide grant awards.

Podesta said, “Today’s announcement of EPA’s Solar for All awards will mean that low-income communities, and not just well-off communities, will feel the cost-saving benefits of solar thanks to this investment.” The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has a key role in how this funding will be spent.

It is not yet clear how this federal program will eventually benefit local communities. A portion ($156,120,000) is being delivered to Tennessee via the Department of Environment and Conservation, and another award of $62,450,000 goes to Kentucky via its Energy and Environment Cabinet.

Here is a link to the Environmental Protection Agency announcement page that has the breakdown of funding for government groups by state. You can also see here the Tennessee acknowledgment that several businesses and groups have been involved in requesting funding for these low-income programs. You can register at this bottom of this announcement page for a free webinar coming up about the program next week.

Anne Brock is Marketing Coordinator for Solar Alliance, which designs and manages solar installation projects for large manufacturers and small businesses. She can be reached at or 865-221-8349.


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