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During the week of February 5-9, we recorded a total of 1,226 documents in the Register’s office. One hundred sixty-eight of those were property transfers with a total value of $103.58 million. Eight properties with price tags over $1 million were recorded, including three commercial properties.

In the week’s most expensive property sale, “The Views at West Town” apartment complex on N. Gallaher View Road has changed hands for the sixth time. The new owner, Manor View Partners LLC, paid $31.25 million to purchase the property from 500 Manor View Dr. LLC and 500 Manor View Dr. 2 LLC.

6016 Brookvale office building

The second-highest value sale is in West Knoxville as well, on Brookvale Lane. The large office building visible from N. Weisgarber Road, transferred from Brookvale II LLC to 6016 Brookvale LLC for $11.31 million.

The third notable commercial purchase was on Copeland Road in Powell. Twelve townhomes transferred from Turner Homes LLC to Bent Branch LLC for $3.24 million.

In total, there were 229 loans recorded, amounting to $90.64 million. Out of these, 6 loans were worth a million dollars or more. The highest loan value was $23.36 million, funded by Greystone Servicing Company Inc. The next two leading lenders were Corevest American Finance Lender LLC, which provided a loan of $7.1 million, and Kings Bay Investments LLC, which loaned $5 million. Below are three other high value mortgages:

Our year-to-date comparison chart has been updated through February 9, 2024.

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Nick McBride is register of deeds for Knox County.


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