Rutledge Pike property tops commercial sales

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During the week ending May 10, 2024, the office recorded 1,364 documents. Trust Deeds (loans) accounted for 302 of those documents with an aggregate value of $141.78 million. The highest value loan was $35.81 million backed by Barclays’s Capital Real Estate. CTR Partnership LP funded the second largest for $26.67 million. There were nine other mortgages valued at $1 million or more, as follows:

Property sales, recorded via warranty deed, made up 227 of the total documents. Six were priced over $1 million, but only one of those was a commercial transaction. That property, located at 8724 Rutledge Pike, sold for $1.25 million. C&K Equipment Company Inc. sold to 11W Properties Inc.

The chart below compares year-to-date sales and loans recorded through May 11.

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Nick McBride is Knox County register of deeds


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