Renewable energy research

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How can the world more efficiently harness the clean energy it needs from the sun or other sources? What will renewable energy systems look like another decade from now? Will society be meeting its sustainability goals that could affect future quality of life for everyone?

The MIT Climate Policy Center is taking a lead role in using research and evidence-based decision making to influence public policy. The Sloan School of Management at Massachusetts Institute of Technology recently announced it is forming the new center for collaboration and progress on climate initiatives. The university announced the center as part of its new Climate Project at MIT, where President Sally Kornbluth told the MIT community, “Representing a compelling new strategy for accelerated, university-led innovation, the Climate Project at MIT will focus our community’s talent and resources on solving critical climate problems with all possible speed – and will connect us with a range of partners to deliver those technological, behavioral and policy solutions to the world.”

MIT has more than 300 faculty and staff working on climate issues. The new center will be a hub for ongoing conducting and sharing of research. Some of the latest includes an online model that can guide decarbonization of the power grid. It allows for differences regionally in both patterns of demand for electricity and availability of resources.

Anne Brock is marketing coordinator for Solar Alliance, which designs and manages solar installation projects for manufacturers and small businesses. It also offers a Solar 101 class that can be hosted by community centers in Tennessee. She can be reached at or 865-221-8349.


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