Remembering Alvin Frye

Susan EspirituFountain City

Alvin Frye was a Fountain City mainstay for as long I can remember until he retired and sold his corner of the block. I am sure the iconic sign, “No Lottery No Beer” will be remembered by every Fountain City native over 50.

JD Lambert posted on Facebook Frye’s 100th birthday was January 26, 2024! Hubert Smith rightly commented, “Essary and Broadway will always bear his memory.”

Alvin Frye passed away at the age of 93, a navy veteran, serving in WWII and the Korean war. His obituary stated how he loved and served his community and was named “Fountain City Man of the Year,” considered a good friend to everyone and community caretaker.

JD shared these pictures and with his permission I share them as well in memory of Fountain City’s good friend and community caretaker’s 100th birthday!

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