Northern lights come south

Sandra ClarkOur Town Outdoors

Knoxville got a rare view of the northern lights, also known as the aurora, Friday and Saturday, May 10-11, 2024.

The photos we’re sharing here were taken by Gary and Chris Cunningham of Powell and posted on Facebook. Chris wrote: We enjoyed quite the spectacular performance of the Northern Lights in Norris, Tennessee! It was an amazing experience! The star-filled sky was an extra bonus!

Here’s that starry sky.

The National Weather Service has all sorts of information on the phenomenon, which we won’t attempt to explain. One quote is: The aurora’s colorful green, red and purple light shifts gently and often changes shape like softly blowing curtains.

The site contains an experimental dashboard which predicts the aurora’s visibility “tonight and tomorrow night … shows what it’s been up to over the last 24 hours and estimates what the next 30 minutes will be like.” Additional information:

One more. Great job, Chris and Gary.


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