New homes coming to Glen Creek Road

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The week of February 12-16, 2024, ended with 1,272 new documents on the records. Warranty Deeds (property sales) accounted for 171 of the total recordings with a cumulative value of $67.3 million. Six of the sales were properties valued at over a million dollars – including two commercial properties.

Trans-South Properties GP sold a 65-acre piece of land in East Knoxville. It is going to be a new addition to the Clear Springs Plantation subdivision on Glen Creek Road. Millertown Pike will likely see an increase in traffic load. The land was purchased by FDG-RSE Knoxville JV LLC for $3.9 million.

416 Troy Circle in Bearden

The only other commercial property on the list just changed hands only two years prior. 416 Troy Circle, LLC sold two adjoining parcels to BBB GP for $1 million.

Lenders wrote up 229 loans with a total value of $94.4 million. Five were loans for more than $1 million. First Carolina Bank backed the largest loan at $28.74 million. Next, Knoxville TVA Employees Credit Union loaned $2.85 million. Builtwell Bank funded a mortgage for $1.74 million, Carter Bank & Trust lent $1.37 million, and Mountain Commerce Bank rounded out the list with a loan of $1 million.

Our comparison chart has been updated through Friday, February 16.

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Nick McBride is Knox County Register of Deeds


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