National Days: One for every day in March

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We are gearing up for March and you may want to celebrate some special focuses during the coming days. All 31 days have been identified by several categories to celebrate each day: animal, appreciation, arts & entertainment, cause, cultural, federal, food & beverage, fun, health, names, relationship, religious and special interest.

I picked out a few of the days from March days to celebrate , particularly some of the ones I found most humorous.

Animal: National If Pets Had a Thumb Day

Appreciation: National Quirky Country Music Song Titles Day

Arts & Entertainment: National Fragrance Day

Cause: National Proof Reading Day (I will watch out for this day)

Cultural: Aztec New Year

Federal: Oregon Day

Food & Beverage: National Turkey Neck Soup Day

Fun: National Folding Laundry Day (whose idea of fun?)

Health: National False Teeth Day or Wash Your Nose Day

Names: National Walter Day

Relationship: National I Want You to Be Happy Day

Religious: Holy Wednesday (this is not one of the humorous days)

Special Interest: National Napping Day or National Fill Our Staplers Day

If you didn’t see your special day celebrated, becoming a national day of the month typically involves several steps and processes but obviously there are limitless boundaries of theme consideration.

The first step is for the individual, group or organization to propose the idea of a national day to the relevant authorities or organizations by providing a compelling justification for why the day should be recognized nationally and how it aligns with the values, culture, or specific cause of the country.

Once the proposal is accepted, the next step is to draft a resolution or bill that formally establishes the national day, clearly stating the purpose, significance and scope of the day and the resolution or bill needs to be sponsored by a member of the legislative body or government official who can introduce it to the appropriate legislative committee or governing body.

The resolution or bill will go through the legislative process, which may vary depending on the country’s political system which will involve committee review, debate and voting in the legislative body.

Once the bill is successfully passed by the legislative body, it will need to be signed into law or proclaimed by the relevant government authority. This official recognition establishes the national day and gives it legal status.

When reading some of the days that passed through on legislative bills, I think they may have been hidden in the mounds of legislative paperwork that never gets read before the congress votes on an entire package. Who legitimizes National If Pets Had a Thumb Day?

Do note that March 1 is the World Day of Prayer and even though it might be mixed in with National Sage Day and National Hotel Slipper Day, let’s be sure not to miss its importance.

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