Morning glory

Christopher RobinOur Town Arts

“Early to bed, early to rise. . . “

“The early bird gets the worm.”

Or my favorite, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.”

Being out early is a job requisite if you intend to be landscape photographer. The sun only comes up once a day, and it is usually pretty early. The blue hour, the golden hour and fabulous early morning light make this a favorite time of day to photograph.

Shooting the sunrise from Clingman’s Dome may call for a 4 a.m. alarm to get there. Sunrise from House Mountain’s east overlook requires a careful hike up in the dark. Both have given me wonderful images. The recent change to Daylight Savings Time gives another hour of sleep, which I do appreciate.

Set your alarm, grab your camera and head out to your favorite eastern vista. You will probably have it to yourself unless some other photographer has the same idea. Most of them are good folks, so have a talk about the perfect sunrise that got away because you misjudged the drivetime by 10 minutes.

Photographer Chris and painter Robin Rohwer each week share a painting or photograph that captured their interest in hopes that it will also capture yours. They have a small studio and gallery in the Phoenix Building at 418 South Gay Street where you can stop and see their work. Their website is All works are copyright protected.

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