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This is the story of three very frightened homeless pups and the collaborative efforts of local animal advocates helping to find them a home of their own.

Anderson County Animal Rescue Foundation (AC ARF) is looking for a foster or foster-to-adopt families for Bennett and Cole, two 8–9-month-old husky/shepherd mix-breed pups. These pups have come a long way since they came into rescue … they have learned much, and we have learned much about them.

Barbara Burton

Both are very dog- and cat-friendly and would do best living with another dog or dogs providing some guidance. They are neutered and up-to-date on preventives and vaccines, and are calm, easy-going, attentive dogs. They are still a little shy, but are beginning to learn they can trust people … even little ones!

Cole is a black and tan husky/border collie mix, Bennett is a tan, husky/shepherd mix. They each weight about 40 pounds and their adoption fee is $75.

Their story: In December 2023, three young pups were abandoned at a church in Oliver Springs. They found shelter under the nearby house of an elderly couple who cared enough to feed them and who reached out to AC ARF.

Soon, with reliable food, water, shelter and bedding, these pups were already feeling and looking much better than when they arrived. But winter was coming and in late December, AC ARF arranged for them to be boarded at Norris Animal Hospital in Clinton.

Confident Frankie (ol’ blue eyes) was quickly adopted, and happily blossomed in his new home. By mid-February, Bennett and Cole were happy and healthy, gaining confidence and trust. They learned that living is no longer a struggle and that life can be a lot of fun.

When Down and Dirty Dogs Inc. (DDD) jumped in to help, we knew these dogs would be superstars. DDD is an East TN grass-roots non-profit that aims to improve the quality of life and adoptability of rescue dogs.

It is now April, and Bennett and Cole are participating in a board-and-train program at Meadowbrooke Kennels in Knoxville where they are receiving foundational training … learning essential commands, basic manners, socialization, as well as getting exercise. They are now stellar at walking on a leash, and both especially enjoy hanging out in the agility field with all those fun-looking activities at Meadowbrooke.

That Oliver Springs couple began a process that turned into an amazing collaborative effort to bring these dogs to this stage of being ready for adoption. Will you join us “finish up” these pups by fostering or fostering to adopt? These smart and playful boys come with a year of free training support fromMeadowbrooke and have all medical expenses covered by Anderson County Animal Rescue Foundation.

For more information or arrange to meet, reach out by messaging the AC ARF Facebook page, emailing ACARF2018@gmail.com or texting/calling Katrina at 865-414-2491.

If adoption isn’t feasible, please share their story or consider supporting AC ARF, Meadowbrooke or DDD to help more pups find the love and care they deserve.

Barbara Burton is a member of AC ARF who brings Bennett and Cole to the Carden Farm Dog Park in Clinton. We went ahead and created a byline for her because we suspect when homes are found for these guys we’ll be hearing from Barbara again.


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