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Book Whisperer Linda Sullivan gives us these two novels that are not only spellbinding but due to keep us thinking about the characters long after the last page: The Murderer’s Daughters and The Women.

The first recommendation, The Murderer’s Daughters by Randy Susan Meyers, is a work of fiction reading like a Dateline episode.

Linda gives a little plot teaser. What if you are the one who opens the door to your estranged drunken father who then kills your mother, stabs your 5-year-old sister and unsuccessfully attempts suicide? He goes to prison and now it is 30 years later….

Randy Susan Meyers is an American author, born and raised in New York. Before turning to writing, Meyers worked as the assistant director of Common Purpose. There she worked with batterers, domestic violence victims, and at-risk youth impacted by family violence. Her own background with an abusive father influenced her book The Murderer’s Daughters.

Linda’s second recommendation, The Women, by Kristin Hannah, will be a historical novel to remind us of some dark times in our history.

As an award-winning author, Kristin Hannah has done her research once again, and as with her other novels, this one hit #1 on the New York Times list almost immediately.

Linda says she turned the last page and immediately texted her friend who had finished the book earlier in the day. The novel was so disarming, they had been texting each other about it for days.

“Nurses in Vietnam. There were no women in Vietnam. Frankie McGrath and her follow female vets were dismissed at every turn when they returned home. How devastating for them. How devasting all Vietnam vets were treated when they returned!”

Linda says since she was born in 1971, her only real memories about the Vietnam war are what she has studied or read, but many will read this story and relive memories from their own lives.

She cautions if we’re looking for fluff or an easy read, this isn’t it! Is the story worth our time? She says, ABSOLUTELY!

Two novels that will not be easy on our emotions but worth the reading adventure that awaits us.

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