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Our Book Whisperer, Linda Sullivan, says these novels will keep us turning pages in our minds even after we’ve replaced When We Were Worthy and The Unseen World in their niche on the shelf.

Linda says When We Were Worthy, written by Marybeth Mayhew Whalen, explores the social hierarchy of a high school in a small southern town after three cheerleaders are killed in an automobile accident. You read the story from the perspectives of four women. Linda compares the intrigue to Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty, saying if we read that book, we should definitely put this one on our to-be-read list.

Marybeth Mayhew Whalen is the author of five previous novels and speaks to women’s groups around the United States. She is the cofounder of the popular women’s fiction site, She Reads, and is active in a local writers’ group. Marybeth, her husband, Curt, and their six children live in North Carolina.

Linda’s second recommendation also has her thinking about it a week after turning the last page. The Unseen World, written by Liz Moore is summed up succinctly by Linda.

She says:
“How to explain …
“Coming of age
“The world of tech

“The book jacket tells us the novel is about the moving story of a daughter’s quest to discover the truth about her beloved father’s hidden past.

“If this had not been selected as a Modern Mrs Darcy Book Club pick, I would have skipped right past it on the shelf, but I’m SO glad I read this story. EXCELLENT!”

Liz Moore is an American author who spent some time as a musician in New York City, which inspired her first novel, The Words of Every Song in 2007. Moore teaches in the MFA program at Temple University. She lives in Philadelphia with her husband and two children.

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