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Our Book Whisperer, Linda Sullivan, gives us a choice of reads this week with mystery or romance novels but both will be perfect for curling up by the warm glow of a crackling fireplace, the epitome of coziness and entertainment.

Linda’s first recommendation is In the Bleak Winter by Julia Spencer-Fleming, an American novelist of mystery fiction. Fleming has won numerous literary awards for her novels and lives in Buxton, Maine.

Linda introduces the plot with the teaser, “An Episcopal priest and a police chief solve a mystery in upstate New York when a newborn is left at the church door. Who is the mother? Father?” Linda leaves us to wonder about the murder and secrets in a small town! She also says if we like a series, this is book 1 of 9 and she follows, “I read this one with my eyes and ears.” Hmmm, I guess we will have to find out what that means!

If you want a lighter read during this holiday season, Linda says to read Snowed in for Christmas by Sarah Morgan, a British writer of more than 80 romance novels. Morgan was a nurse but started writing after the birth of her first son. She lives in England with her husband and two sons.

Linda gives us this snippet: “Snowed in for Christmas will be the perfect holiday romance if you have ever dreamed of Scotland at Christmas, you love a forced proximity, a fake relationship and some crazy family dynamics.” She highly recommends the audiobook version.

Remember: Knox County Online Library to search for Linda’s recommendations each week.

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