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Our Book Whisperer, Linda Sullivan, is again in the holiday spirit this week with recommendations that become dual gift ideas as well as reads.

Linda introduces both books:

“I love a good cookbook, and they make excellent gifts, especially when you pair it with a homemade treat. My family laughs at me for reading a cookbook cover to cover, but oh, well, they benefit in the end! These two are wonderful reads whether you ever prepare one of the recipes. In case you do, I highly recommend Candy Bar Brownies on page 254 of What Can I Bring?”

What Can I Bring? by author Elizabeth Heiskell answers the question we all ask when invited to any gathering involving food. According to Linda, this rare find can solve any dilemma of what to bring from a Volunteer tailgate to a baby shower including everything from appetizers and main dishes to sandwiches and desserts (don’t forget the Candy Bar Brownies on page 254).

The other two comments about meals heard all the time, “What am I going to fix for dinner?” or the proverbial, “I don’t have time to cook!” might find a solution with Linda’s second recommendation, Dinner a Love Story, by Jenny Rosenstrach.

Linda says, Jenny Rosenstrach and her husband, Andy, cook dinner for their family every night, regardless of their long work days or their kids’ schedules pulling them in multiple directions.

Jenny figured out how to break down dinner with the food, the timing from prep to cleanup and planned strategies so that her family could enjoy good food, have time to unwind and simply be together. The book shares it with us!

Two great books for both ourselves and gifts for others!

Remember: Knox County Online Library to search for Linda’s recommendations each week.

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