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Rational people must deal with things as they are, not as they might wish them to be. Knox County supports Donald Trump for president, and enough Republicans like him to make him the GOP nominee. Why?

America First foreign policy: Trump would scrap NATO and probably defund the United Nations if he could. In four years as president, he avoided shooting wars and costly foreign entanglements. Now the United States is funding one or both sides in Israel vs Palestinians, Ukraine vs Russia, and Lord knows what else.

Post-World War II, Republicans like Eisenhower, Nixon, Reagan and Bush I + II have advocated international alliances and a proactive national defense. It was young Democrats in the 1970s who wanted to leave Vietnam to focus internally. It was Republicans who advocated the domino theory: If Vietnam falls, then Communist China will sweep through Southeast Asia. It was Democratic youth who said, “We’re throwing money at dictators. Let’s stop it.” In effect, America first.

Trump did not fight in Vietnam and is a product of his time. In this, he deviates from the traditional Republican platform.

Pocketbook economics: Bidenomics is a non-starter. Regular folks don’t memorize economic indicators or read the Wall Street Journal. Regular folks see higher gasoline prices. (Trump says drill, drill, drill.) They see mortgage interest rates (and real estate values) up, making it hard for young people to buy a starter home. Look at these Tennessee interest rates:

  • 2017 – Trump came into office – 7.01 percent
  • 2021 – Biden came into office – 5.67 percent
  • 2024 – After three years of Biden – 8.49 percent

Gasoline costs more; so does a loaf of bread. And don’t even start on healthcare costs.

Americans believe Republicans handle the economy better than Democrats. Trump aligns with traditional Republican policies on this.

America loves a scamp: Trump gets indicted 91 times by grand juries in four jurisdictions. His poll numbers increase, and he puts his mug shot on a shot glass. And sells it. He’s been married three times with each wife younger and more attractive. Americans grin and wink. He makes outrageous remarks and folks say he’s kidding.

Donald Trump is unlike any other politician. His four-year record – both a blessing and a curse – stands as one of peace and economic stability. When the pandemic hit, he fast-tracked a vaccine that knocked it back. Nine months from now, when voters ask the Jimmy Carter question: Are you better off today than four years ago? That answer will decide the winner.

Sandra Clark is editor/CEO of Knox TN Today, Inc.


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