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The library’s new twist on Mayor Jacobs’s Read City challenge is gaining some big fans. From launching rocket ships and creating avatars to drawing a scene from a book, the literacy missions seem to be popular with kids of all ages. So far, thousands of activities have been logged for the first leg of the year’s quest to become the best-read community in America.

Young patron Sammy is a huge fan of the Daring Deeds game. He leveled up the first week. (Photo/ Nick Geidner)

The Daring Deeds Adventure Game encourages players to get creative and engage in literacy in a hands-on way. Reading is still at the center of the program, but the game is made up of missions or activities that help readers interpret their stories. With a little glue and crayons, a lot of good learning is happening – critical thinking, multimodal expression, confidence building and personal connection to name a few. But don’t let all that get in the way – the biggest thing is it’s just plain fun.

Take for example creating an aviator helmet. Early pilots like Amelia Earhart donned the leather-encased goggles. By printing out and making your own helmet, you enter into a world very different from modern day air travel. The straw rockets are fun to launch. Never mind the engineering lessons that sneak into the activity or the chance to delve into the life and achievements of Neil Armstrong as he made history.

Read City’s goal is to get everyone in the community engaged in reading and literacy. As schools work on the best way to raise the third-grade reading rate, the rest of us can join the cause and make learning and reading fun and engaging.

Families and businesses, after school programs and churches are all encouraged to participate. Just drop by any Knox County Public Library to pick up a game board or follow along on the Beanstack Tracker App. Complete five missions to earn a trip to the loot box for a prize and level up!

If you’re feeling creative, there are dozens of printable crafts on the Library’s website

Mary Pom Claiborne is assistant director for marketing, communications and development at Knox County Public Library


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