Knoxville Farmacy is ‘Well Read’

Susan EspirituWest Knoxville

Knoxville Farmacy has a unique way of supporting local charities while still bringing in their customers: Cocktails for a Cause. This month is the $13 Well Read cocktail with $3 of every purchase being donated to Friends of Literacy.

Now this apple/sage/brown sugar/vodka special sounds like it might have been quite needed last week, when during Snowmageddon reading a good book was about all you could do in the confines of the house except maybe cleaning and who wanted to do that?

Dave Hamblin, co-owner of Knoxville Farmacy, says they started Cocktails for a Cause in 2023 as a way to positively impact the community and serve people delicious drinks at the same time by crafting a special cocktail and donating $3 from each sale to a featured organization.

Hamblin says they choose organizations or charities that are doing important work in the community to benefit the people of Knoxville or the surrounding area.

For instance, their first cocktail benefited an employee and his partner whose newborn daughter was born with a devastating heart defect.

Since then, the cocktails have been in honor of organizations like The Appalachian Equality Chorus and Young-Williams Animal Center with this month being Friends of Literacy.

Hamblin said, “We wanted to do something to benefit Friends of Literacy because they are helping to empower kids and adults of all ages by teaching them to read, and they are a local organization that my wife and I have personally donated to for the past couple of years.”

Hamblin said the “Well Read” cocktail will likely run for about four to six weeks since everyone was shut down by the snowstorm last week.

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