Knoxville Catholic dedicates STEM lab

Susan EspirituWest Knox County

Knoxville Catholic High School dedicated its new STEM Innovation Lab on Jan. 9, 2024, to the excitement and appreciation of students, staff, families and community.

The STEM Innovation Lab, established by the Witsoe Family, is nearly 2,500 square feet offering a space for students of all disciplines to learn future career skills on industry equipment. The lab is also headquarters for Catholic’s award-winning robotics program – Robotichauns Team 2393!

Craig Witsoe, innovation lab chair and CEO of ELO Touch Solutions,  said “Getting students excited about STEM through the innovation center and new curriculum offerings will give students an early edge for the many exciting careers connected to science, technology, engineering and math.”

“As technology continues to accelerate our world, our students need the best educational experience in the fields of engineering, computer programming, robotics, science and design,” said KCHS President Dickie Sompayrac.

Information and quotes provided by Catholic High School.

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