Knox visits Saint Lucia with the Hauns

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Knox the Fox spent a fabulous week with a group of teenage girls and their parents on the island of St. Lucia.

Saint Lucia was named after Saint Lucy of Syracuse and is one of two sovereign states in the world named after a woman, but the only one named after a human woman. Ireland is named after a goddess.

Only 27 miles long and 14 miles wide, it has been called The Helen of the West after the Greek mythological character Helen of Troy.

Maria Haun, celebrating her 25th anniversary with husband Robby,  described the time away with their family plus their girls’ two friends as a much-needed vacation, but was amazed at the incredible service provided by the private villa’s staff who quickly became part of their family.

On their first day, the family toured the island, stopping for local bread described as some they would dream about until they could eat it again.

The second day of vacation was complete with the private pool and private beach so there were no worries about saving your chairs or having your view blocked by rows of vacationers.

Day three brought the family on the deep-sea fishing adventure where they caught tuna they brought back to the villa and chef Christy grilled it to perfection for the family’s dinner.

On the fourth day, the family spent the day with multiple experiences beginning with making their own chocolate bars at the Hotel Chocolat. From there they toured the Soufriere drive in volcano, sulphur springs, and soothed in a mineral bath.

Winding up the week, the crew spent more time at the pool, snorkeling in the ocean, shopping in Marigot Bay and dining at Doolittle’s on the water.

The island is so captivating with soothing waves, warm beaches and welcoming locals that visitors are eager to return as Maria said about this weeklong stay on the island: “It was the perfect vacation. Can’t wait to go back!”

Not sure where Knox the Fox is off to next week! He may be resting and reading, but you never know!

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