Knox the Fox travels with Emily & Jerry Lenn

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Emily and Jerry Lenn recently spent two weeks in Portugal, followed by two in Spain, so Knox the Fox knew he had to find a way to tag along on this jaunt.

The couple began with a cruise on the Douro River in northern Portugal, beginning in Porto, a city Emily describes as “charming.” They took side trips along the way, followed by a bus trip to Lisbon, where they spent a few days.

After the visit in the Portugal cities, they flew to Madrid, Spain, to connect with a Trafalgar tour group before ending in Barcelona where they stayed for several days before flying home. The couple’s first Knoxville next-door neighbors, who now live in Birmingham, plus two Florida lady friends shared the river cruise, but they were by themselves on the Spain part of the trip.

Emily describes the trip as “amazing” and she details it for us through the accompanying gallery pictures including this video she recorded from the Flamenco dinner show in Seville.


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