Knox the Fox travels west with Style(s)

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Knox the Fox spent the first week of the year traveling out west with sisters Lisa and Amy Styles.

The sisters spent New Year’s Eve weekend visiting family members in San Antonio, Texas, and celebrated by watching the San Fernando Cathedral light show projected on the outside wall of the cathedral. Lisa described the stunning lights, color and sounds that tell the history of San Antonio as magical.

After San Antonio, the sisters headed even further west to Big Bend National Park for what Lisa calls her bucket list trip, staying at the Los Chisos Mountain Lodge inside the park.

The days inside the park were filled with adventure, including drives down scenic highways, desert hikes in the morning, mountain hikes in the afternoon, and burro rides inside the Mexican town of Boquillas.

Lisa describes the scenery as being barren desert landscapes that suddenly rise to mountain islands where the Rio Grande River has cut dramatic canyons into the rock. Lisa was amazed at the beauty of the desert flora but cautioned not to touch because they will bite you back.

See the pictures from the sisters’ days of adventure to end 2023 and start 2024!

(Knox the Fox was hidden in the cactus, not to be seen)

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