Knox the Fox & the Nelsons bring snow from North Pole

Susan EspirituOur Town Adventure Seekers

Knox the Fox slid into another trip north, this time with friends Seth and Katy Nelson, who headed to the North Pole in early January and must have brought back its ice and snow for our snow spectacle last week.

After a 13-hour travel day, the couple (with a stealthy friend) arrived at their very cold destination at the North Pole to begin what Katy called a trip of a lifetime. They spent the first day at Chena Hot Springs which is also the location of the Aurora Ice Museum, located on the grounds of the hot springs. Ice-carving champion Steve Brice designed this world’s largest year-round ice environment, created from over 1000 tons of ice and snow, staying at 25* F, 365 days a year.

The adventure continued with a couple of days hiking in Denali National Park and visits to the Denali dog kennels in the state park. Katy and Seth visited the dogs at the kennels who get Saturdays and Sundays off from their Monday-Friday workdays. Monday -Friday though, the dog kennels are closed because the dogs are pulling sleds where they are hauling wood and other materials to what is called the back country where vehicles can’t reach due to the road conditions.

A visit this far north must include a quest to a once in lifetime viewing of the Northern Lights and then these two UT faithful Vols watched a first in a lifetime viewing of the “Nico Era” football bowl game against Iowa!

It was a whirlwind trip but one that made memories that will never be forgotten.

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