Knox the Fox is home from Fripp Island

Susan EspirituOur Town Adventure Seekers

Knox may have been the only fox on the island as the nature preserve is known more for the alligators, about 150 of them, and the approximately 400 free-roaming deer who meander around the lawns and roadways throughout the 3 ½ mile island.

This barrier island in South Carolina’s low country, with its three miles of beachfront and abundant salt marshes and maritime forests, also provide habitats for raccoons and over 80 species of birds, including bald eagles.

The history of Fripp Island is one of intrigue as it was owned by Sarah Harriet Reynolds who inherited it from her father along with a large plantation on St. Helena Island. Soon after her marriage to William Fripp in 1820, the island became known as Fripp’s Island and served as a hunting preserve.

Centuries of isolation ended in 1960 and since the bridge opened in 1963, there have been six developers who have owned the resort, and each has left an imprint. From June to August, the island is filled. However, when schools resume, the crowds diminish and a peaceful quiet returns.

Hollywood found Fripp Island fascinating as well as it was at the Ocean Creek location and the surrounding tidal marsh that was a film set for both Forrest Gump and Disney’s The Jungle Book!

This weekend, however, was one of fun in the sand and family football on the beach along with a low country boil for the family meal! The beauty of the island and the enjoyment of family and friends made for a truly thankful weekend adventure.

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