Knox the Fox goes west with Tidwell & Clark

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Knox the Fox joined Meghan Tidwell and John Clark on their trip out west to celebrate her birthday. Leaving our chilly East Tennessee weather, Meghan and John (with a sneaky Knox) landed in Tucson, Arizona, to a sunny 78, no humidity, of course.

Meghan is so glad they spent the first day at the Tucson Botanical Gardens learning about some of the native plants, because when they went to Saguaro National Park a couple of days later, they could easily identify the vegetation seen in the desert.

The second day was spent at The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum becoming Meghan’s personal favorite of the whole trip. She said it’s not a traditional museum because it is mostly outdoors, feeling more like a park and driving home how the wilderness is an ultimate place of learning.

Having both served in the army, with Meghan continuing to serve in the reserves, the Pima Air and Space Museum was a memorable tour day for Meghan and John.

Meghan jokes, “I saw some stuff I’ve flown in; John saw some stuff he’s jumped out of; and next time a Marine talks about how tough the branch is, remind them they once had a SEERSUCKER uniform.”

All joking aside, she says the Pima Air and Space Museum is an absolute must-see for aviation and/or military buffs but is nearly impossible to do in a day.

The couple completed the week in the Saguaro National Park and discovered a non-descript warehouse in Douglas, Arizona. Meghan says a passersby wouldn’t give this building a second thought, but it actually was a front for a multi-million-dollar drug smuggling operation. A tunnel under the floor of the building wound across the border to a private home in Agua Prieta, Sonora, Mexico.

Meghan learned the actual operation happened about 35 years ago with the perpetrator being caught about a decade later, but the mastermind and architect of the tunnel was Felipe de Jesus Corona Verbera, who also built tunnels for the famous El Chapo Guzman.

Oh, the Ides of March (misfortune and doom) seemed to have finally foiled the masterplan for this building, but it does make one wonder what lies under the grounds near the borders?

Knox had a fun trip with Meghan and John and even saw another fox, (or maybe it was a coyote) in the wilds! Next week, read about his trip to St. Lucia!

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