Knox the Fox goes to Grammie Camp

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Knox the Fox stayed home for Christmas and spent last Friday into Saturday with my nine grandkids at Grammie Camp 2023. Every year, my tribe shows up for 24 hours of endless fun, laughs and memories.

The festivities begin around noon with their granddaddy’s famous Asian fried noodles which is a fan favorite, even my pups whine for the chopped cabbage that might fly off the chopping block during prep time.

Once lunch is complete, the games begin. This year, the grands have aged from 12 years to 17 years so the competition remained intense throughout the day between the six girls and three boys.

Some of our games have been carried over year to year such as favorites like Candy Cane Hook’em, Cookie Face and TP Takedown!

Toilet Paper Takedown video

Skittles Suck’em Up and the Whipped Cream Cheeto Toss are two new games added this year that will definitely return next year.

However, the most notable addition to this year was the “Chicken Chase and Decoration Challenge.” Three teams of three were challenged to be the fastest group to catch a chicken, decorate with Santa hat, take a picture, and get back to the house with the picture.

Chicken Chase video

All chickens survived the onslaught of children and the children enjoyed the breakfast provided by the chickens (eggs) the following morning!

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