Knox the Fox glad he is not a turkey

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Today, Knox the Fox is thankful he is not a turkey after finding some fun facts about this main course and asks, “Who wants a namesake day that features them either fried or roasted on a platter?”

Knox learned 46 million turkeys were consumed in America yesterday for the Thanksgiving meal on Turkey Day, while foxes were only dodging an errant hungry eagle or coyote hunting for their own dinner.

Knox reminds us there is a National Fox Day on September 17, but foxes are heralded for their beauty, cunning and importance in our ecosystems, instead of being in a sandwich or hash after their big day.

Now if a turkey could see and run, they might outsmart their human captors, but that is not to be, as the average turkey is pretty hefty plus with poor vision and a gobble that can be heard over a mile away, the bird is doomed from the hatch.

On the other hand, a fox is a swift creature, running up to 45 mph with better vision than his human counterpart and earned his nickname of “sly,” because he is an elusive, extremely cautious animal that is difficult to surprise.

Finally, for those who spent Thanksgiving afternoon watching football, and eating turkey, Knox wants you to know that you were eating that turkey leg while watching football on the FOX networks!

Knox the Fox is on Fripp Island for Thanksgiving weekend so look for his trip details next week!

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