Knox the Fox discovers two hidden Smoky’s treasures

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The House of Fairies and The Troll Bridge are considered hidden Smoky Mountain treasures that Knox’s friends Gail Giffin and her Hiking Turtles have discovered in their many adventures through our beautiful mountains. Hiking Turtles: June 2023

The House of Fairies is off the Twin Creeks trail. This old spring house has a brick arch with a wide door like an open mouth leading into the side of the mountain. The rustic exterior and the fanciful architecture are both primitive yet magical, thus resulting in its name, House of Fairies. Twin Creek Trail to House of Fairies

Louis and Ethel Voorheis bought the 38-acre mountain retreat in 1928 and it was still being developed when Louis died in 1944. To prove they would cooperate with the park while living on the estate, the couple gifted the property to the future park in return for a lifetime lease and the property is the park’s only donation of privately owned land.

Knox enjoys the Troll Bridge (photo: Gail Giffin)

Out of the 14 original structures which included a main house, two guest cabins, a horse barn, an apple barn, a pump house and a stone springhouse, some are being preserved but most are gone, except the springhouse remains which is today the House of Fairies.

Another unique spot that many hikers discover is the Troll Bridge that is off trail in the Elkmont area, covered in moss and made up of stones. The bridge was built at the beginning of the last century, for some unknown reason at a time when Elkmont was the second largest town in the community, known for its vacation homes. The town had a post office, school, hotel, store and of course a church.

These are just two of many mountain treasures hidden along our beautiful hiking trails.

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