Knox the Fox cruises with the Thompsons

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Like the rest of us, Jim and Kathleen Thompson tired of the endless snow and ice, so with the covert Knox the Fox in hiding, the trio escaped our cold melting remnants to cruise the balmy seas of the southern Caribbean.

Kathleen said they loved every minute of the trip!

They boarded the Celebrity Ascent, a new ship in the Celebrity fleet, for a seven-day cruise to San Juan, Tortola, St. Kitts and Nevis. The ship, with its massive 15 decks and 17 restaurants, seemed overwhelming at first, but Kathleen said the space was amazingly uncrowded and with 1,400 crew members, very accommodating.

On the first day, Kathleen said they opened the top of their room’s wall of windows to the Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale. Two hours later, they left for what she described as their amazing journey into heaven on earth.

After cruising for a day at sea, the first anchoring was in San Juan, the urban hub of the US territory, Puerto Rico. Docking right in the heart of Old San Juan, which dates back to the 16th century, the cobblestone streets, antique shops and art galleries make it an ideal first stop. Most history buffs want to see the El Morro fort, which dates back to 1539 and the Cathedral of San Juan, where the island’s first governor, Ponce de Leon, is buried.

The following day was a wake up in Tortola, British Virgin Islands. Tortola is mountainous, and the climate and vegetation are much drier than many Caribbean isles. In Tortola, cactus and succulents are more common than ferns. The water clarity is higher than many other places in the Caribbean so it is very popular for divers and snorkelers, although our visitors enjoyed the scenery and not the diving.

Day three, the travelers docked in St. Kitts, originally named St. Christopher in 1493 by Christopher Columbus but later shortened to St. Kitts by British sailors.

This day consisted of exploring St. Kitts with a boat ride to Nevis, a sister isle with quite a history. The notorious pirate, William Kidd, was marooned on Nevis after his crew mutinied, but then he had a lucrative career next door (or next isle) in St. Kitts.

St. Kitts and Nevis were part of the British Empire until 1967, and in 1983, St. Kitts and Nevis became an independent, two-island nation with a parliamentary government headed by a prime minister.

After spending the day on Nevis beach, Kathleen and Jim returned to the ship for the two-day open seas cruise back to Fort Lauderdale and the return home.

The highlights from the trip were many but watching the daily pickleball tournaments on the top deck, walking the open sea track with its endless ocean vistas, and waking up each day to a new breathtaking coastline outside their room’s balcony were at the top.

Jim and Kathleen Thompson created a week of cherished moments tucked in their memories, as Kathleen said, enjoying every minute.

Boy, I wish Knox the Fox could talk!

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