Knox the Fox and Cross crew go Swiss

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Knox the Fox with the Cross contingent completed their European excursion which included Switzerland and Italy.

Leah Cross described this leg of the trip as most enjoyable, meandering down the Rhine River with a last stop in Basel, Switzerland, where they began a train journey through that beautiful country. During the river cruise, they passed the Valley of the Castles, the highest concentration of castles in all of Europe. Leah recommends river cruising as she feels there is more free time to experience the local flair at each stop: a little shopping, try a treat, sip a local coffee, taste a unique pub brew.

Once off the river cruise, they overnighted in Basel, Zermatt, St. Moritz and Zürich. Leaving Basel in the north to spend two days in the ski resort town of Zermatt to the south, it snowed eight inches on their second day. The group rode the Gornergrat Railway to the top of the mountain to see the Matterhorn Mountain, but clouds and snow hid it from sight, although they had seen it from the town before those clouds rolled in.

From Zermatt they boarded the Glacier Express for an 8-hour ride through the Alps to St. Moritz. Due to line problems, the train only reached Brig, which was about an hour into their Alps ride, but commuter trains toured them through the Swiss cities of Bern, Zurich and Chur which they would not have seen otherwise. In Chur, the Glacier Express completed the last leg to St. Moritz.

Arriving in St. Moritz where the weather was 15 degrees, the group boarded a third train, the Bernina Express traveling over the mountain to the city of Tirano, Italy, where Leah details, “We had gorgeous weather and ate lunch outside, having authentic Italian pizza!”

This incredible trip concluded with a train ride the from St. Moritz back to Zurich where they spent an extra day to tour the city before coming home.

Knox will be back next week to share his experiences from another exciting adventure while cruising the mediterranean.

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