Karns Democrats clean up

Jay FitzKarns/Hardin Valley

The 6th District of the Democratic Party met to clean Beaver Ridge Road for the 21st time. This included cleaning the 1940 Karns bridge. A few years ago, the group noticed that it was difficult to walk safely over the bridge due to the vegetation, pebbles and winter creeper which blocked one end.

Trash collected included many drink cans, a gallon milk carton, one shoe, several knit shirts, Halloween candy wrappers, a fork, lots of Styrofoam, painted wood molding, machinery belts and hundreds of cigarette butts.

This clean-up project began in 2011. Volunteers are always needed.

Al Shults chairs the Adopt-a-Road committee. The group was joined by Sarah Keith, a candidate for judge of General Sessions Court Division II.

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