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Food City continues to grow and with growth comes the opportunity for good jobs close to home.

The new store on Schaad Road is set to open in mid-March (per the contractor), and we’re already hiring staff. The store at Cumberland Estates will be closed and about 80 associates will be moving.

But that leaves some 130 jobs to fill.

“We need everything,” says Tony Higginbotham. He has been named store manager at Schaad Road, leaving the Powell Food City where he has been manager for three years. “We need meat cutters, butchers, deli/bakery staff, cake decorators, cashiers, produce people and even baristas for our Starbucks.”

Higginbotham will be working at the Cumberland Estates Food City, 678 Western Ave. today (1/15) and next week. He says job seekers can walk in and interview with him on the spot or can check the Food City website here.

“We hope to have 210 on the payroll when we open at Schaad Road,” he said.

Steven Goodpaster, past chair of Enhance Powell, said Higginbotham will be missed. After all, he’s the reigning Man of the Year in Powell.

“Tony and the Food City family have consistently gone above and beyond in support of the Powell community. They have given in-kind food stuffs for the Travis Wegener Memorial Car Show, donated directly for the Powell Station Park Skate-the-Park event, and provided manpower and supplies for other activities. Tony has even allowed the PBPA board to meet in his conference room – catered by the Food City deli!

“In all that he has shared his kind energy – the sort of quite leadership that encourages others and stitches together community. I am certain the Powell community’s boundary will stretch to keep him with us.”

Todd Burnette smiles behind his mask

Todd Burnette is the new manager at the Powell Food City, replacing Higginbotham. Burnette comes from the Clinton Highway/Norwood Food City where he has been manager for three years. In all, he has worked with Food City for 16 years.

“No worries,” he said regarding Food City’s longtime support for community projects. “Tony set me down and told me what to do. I’m all in.”

Claude Varney: Each year Food City recognizes one associate from each store who has done extraordinary volunteer work in his or her community. We are featuring a few of these individuals each week.

West Knox and area representatives are Timothy Loftus, Hardin Valley; Chuck Gibson, Middlebrook Pike; Kondwani Smiddy, Bearden Center; Jason Tipton, Western Avenue; Hugh Ogle, Cumberland Estates; Jack Lanthrop, Morrell Road; Paul H. Krueger, Loudon; Henrietta Taylor, Harriman; Jeanie Wright, Oliver Springs; Shelby Wells, Lenoir City; Della Palmer, Kingston.

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Betsi James is special events manager for Food City’s Knoxville and Chattanooga divisions.

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