Kris Light captures ‘Jewels from the Sky’

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Kris Light is especially enamored with the snowfall, because she is capturing flakes in photographs before they combine into a beautiful, wintery landscape that captivates the child in all of us.

She describes the unique creations:

“The plain flat plates develop in the clouds when the temperature is just below freezing. As the temperatures drop the flakes become highly detailed sector plates, these can have amazing designs, they are my favorite! When the cloud temperatures dip into the low 20s or teens, the more “typical” spiky dendrite crystals form. Sometimes they will pick up tiny cloud droplets as they fall, then they become the little snowballs called graupel.”

Kris hopes people will take the time to go out and look at some of these beautiful “jewels from the sky” the next time it snows!

She coaches us: “Leave a piece of black material outside to keep it cold so the flakes won’t melt. Use a magnifying glass to help see the details better if possible. Even with the naked eye some details can be enjoyed.”

Follow my story on Kris Light and her journey to “Jewels from the Sky” photography in next week’s column.

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