Jayda Lovett shows strength through adversity

Susan EspirituFountain City

Gresham student Jayda Lovett won the WonderKid nomination from the WonderWorks competition based on “Strength Through Adversity.”

This award goes to a student who demonstrates resilience in the face of adversity. The student proves, through determination, that growth and achieving their goals are possible.

Jayda’s teacher, Jade Jernigan, describes her as a student with a brilliant mind and empathetic heart. Jayda recently gave a presentation to her class about her struggles with bullying and the non-profit organization that she founded to help improve the community around her.

Here is an excerpt from her presentation:

“As a seventh grader, I was brutally bullied to the point of depression. It was hard going to school every day scared of what they would say about me; the girl everyone thought I was. In October of 2022, I was kicked out of the popular group for saying I felt left out. After that, false rumors about me flooded the halls and I was constantly made fun of.

“Over a long period, I became used to it and their words didn’t hurt as they once did. However, in May, a close friend of mine attempted to take her life, because one of our mutual bullies told her everyone would be better off without her and that she should go take her life.

“Out of frustration, knowing I could have lost her, I grabbed a journal and began to sketch. I needed to use my voice. My mom had recently acquired a heat press for her own clothing business and I decided I could put it to good use along with the extra white pocket tees she was no longer using. I remember just typing away, trying to find as many people as I could to wear the tee on the upcoming Monday.

“It was just going to be at my school until my mom posted my creation process. So many of her friends and people around wanted MY T-shirt. I sold 50 shirts within the first month of my business and made over $500. Although, I never really cared about the money portion; I just wanted people to wear my shirt and spread kindness as I had intended.

“I now have my own Instagram account with a link to my website: withlovebyjay.weebly.com.  This website is a place to buy my tee as well as facts about bullying and its effects. Even if wearing my tee is a small thing, sharing kindness and the word of God is a huge thing!

“Luke 6:35 says, ‘But love your enemies, do good to them, and lend to them without expecting to get anything back.’ I created my business so that I just maybe can prevent someone from feeling like how I felt from November 2022 to March 2023. Life is hard, be the kind someone needs to make their day just a little bit easier.”

As a result of her nomination being chosen by WonderKid, Jayda will get tickets to WonderWorks, and an interview with an astronaut through ZOOM today (02/07/24).

Jayda said she was so excited when she found out she won the award but it meant more to her knowing that others could realize they were not alone.

Congratulations Jayda on your nomination and on your obvious strength of character that gained this recognition.

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