Jameson Jackson begins baseball journey

Susan EspirituOur Town Youth

Unhappy in the dugout

Jameson’s journey in youth baseball began with excitement and anticipation. As he stepped onto the field for the first time, you could sense his mix of nerves and eagerness. With a glove on the tiny hand and a determined spirit, Jameson headed out, listened intently to the coach’s instructions.

Mom Mimi describes the results of this precious one’s first game. Jameson sat on the grass in the outfield with his back to the team who was batting. He did get a base hit, but after reaching second base, he walked to the dugout, because he hated the helmet. After the game, he cried all the way to car.

Parents Mimi and Stefan Jackson thought, “only nine games to go,” and requested prayers for the season.

New position, new attitude

Game two offered what Mimi described as a surprising turn of events on the baseball field. Jameson played a new position where he tried so hard, he even got the game ball. There was no crying in the car on this day.

It is true that a kid’s passion will grow with each practice and game even as they sometimes cry going to the car.

As a mom and grandmother of many, this is just the beginning of Jameson’s exciting journey, where he will learn valuable lessons, face challenges and create lasting memories on the field, in the dugout and on the ride home.

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