Humphrey mom and son share track event

Susan EspirituHalls

Years later, Ellisha Humphrey Frye and son, Eason, find themselves lining up for the same event at the Knox County School’s track meet. This remarkable coincidence brings back memories of their shared passion and the strong bond they have as a family.

This was Eason’s first track meet in the long jump, but little did he know that his mom had participated in the same event for the same elementary school, Brickey (now Brickey-McCloud).

Eason’s grandmother Vickie, was there cheering him on, just as she had cheered on his mom so many years before.

Both mother and son are fueled by their past experiences and the support they have given each other throughout the years.

Together, they embark on this new chapter, cherishing the opportunity to compete in the same event and create new memories together.

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