How the Honey Badger chooses his tune

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Not so long ago, after acquiring a significant following on Facebook, lawyer and photographer extraordinaire Stephen Ozcomert was discussing the next digital frontier for the Honey Badger. While I had an Instagram account, it was sparingly utilized as a portfolio for my nascent photography career. Steve said I should post regularly on IG and since content was available and ongoing, that seemed like a good idea.

Actually, it was a great idea: my followers increased from 1,000 to 5K then to 10K, now topping 13K. On the way, though, the Badger had to learn a few marketing techniques, one being how to match a music interlude to a photo or video that I was considering posting.

This can be a dilemma. Not everyone wants to hear Marshall Tucker’s Blue Ridge Mountain Sky as an adjunct to every post. For some, the music pairings might be easy; for me, not so much.

Today’s photo is a popular image from the top of Hawksbill Mountain of the Linville Gorge. I got my photo, now what music? As I relaxed at Linville Falls, an old Norah Jones song came to mind: Come Away with Me. A visualization of the sunrise beauty just swept me away. The evocative lyrics fit in perfect harmony with the scene.

My daily gratitude stems from having the opportunity to foster my newfound creative process through the elements of social media and photography.

You CAN teach an old Honey Badger some new tricks!

Thomas Mabry – Honey Badger Images

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