Honey Badger captures the mysteries of Big South Fork

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The Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area celebrates a 50-year anniversary this year. This Cumberland Plateau jewel straddles a tributary of the Cumberland River in Tennessee and Kentucky.

Scott and Pickett counties are gateways to an area comprising rock houses, caves, waterfalls and the river. Recreational opportunities include hiking, kayaking, horseback riding and water activities.

John Forbes, known as The Gnome, on the “trail” to the Devils Slot/Cave

What’s also great about BSF are opportunities for off-trail adventure. Our Sunday expedition led us to the largest slot canyon in the area it’s subterranean so the name Devil’s Slot or Devil’s Cave apparently was deemed appropriate for this unique Tennessee landform.

Features include a waterfall in the cave and a striking view that is reminiscent of a cathedral. Now, does the devil have a cathedral we don’t know about? That’s a question Honey Badger just can’t answer!

The pursuit of outdoors experiences leads the inquisitive to fascinating places. The BSF is replete with such mysterious wonders.

Thomas Mabry – Honey Badger Images

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